Revit AccuRender 3.1

Revit AccuRender 3.1

Photo Realistic renderings from Revit with a new integrated rendering Engine
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High Quality, Photo Realistic renderings from Revit with a new integrated rendering Engine.
- You can now change Render Settings and Edit materials from the Render dialog, without having to export or reload the geometry.
- The dialog for setting the Sun position was restored.
- Sun and Sky Settings may now be changed without reloading the geometry into the rendering window, just stop and restart the renderer from the rendering dialog.
- Glow added for materials
- Background images and colors added.
- New Setup Option interface.
- Fixed locations for RPC objects and Trees embedded in Families
- Improved the RPC interface.
- Reduced the delay loading the Map Material and Plant dialogs.
- Added support for the new fractal AccuRender nXt trees.
- Fixed height and width for procedural tile materials
- We now use the Color, Transparency and Reflection from the Revit rendering material for materials not mapped to AccuRender nXt materials.
- Daylight Portal property added to Materials
- Orthographic and Perspective views.
- Revit lights. (They are all treated as point lights in this version. Spot lights and area lights will be added in a later version)
- Sun and Sky settings. (You have to manually set the nXt sun position to match the Revit Sun position. We hope to fix this in a later version.)
- Transparent and colored materials. (The settings are read directly fromt he Revit material.)
- Reflective and Textured materials. (You need to create a nXt material with the desired textures. We hope to read this directly from Revit in a future version.)


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